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For a new business, it might seem nonsensical to invest in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software before you even have customers. Those are the days when your team plays with spreadsheets and excel files.

When Spreadsheets and Excel won’t cut it for long

  • Once some customers start onboarding, then its lead flow, contact management, and follow-up activities have to be managed properly. But spreadsheets fail here as a sales tool owing to its limitations.
  • It creates duplicate leads, leads assigning to salespeople become tougher and also it fails as a centralized customer information system with multiple files creating havoc in your sales organization.

Why CRMs fails?

  • Salespeople hates CRM data entry and without data CRM serves no purpose.
  • CRM is just a customer database and not a follow-up tool
  • Generally CRMs cannot understand ground level reality of sales calls and emails made by salespeople
  • CRMs are made for managers to pull out reports and not for salespeople who are actual users

    Meet       Your new sales buddy

    Salesx a Mobile & Inside Sales CRM with ground-level insights for smart sales teams

    Key Benefits

    *All Conversations in one place

    * Get ROI in 3 months and Close 3X more deals

    * Crush it on the go with our Mobile App

    * Eliminate CRM data-entry and focus on closing deals instead

    * Never miss another follow-up with automated tasks

    * Simplest workflow. 100% CRM adoption guarantee.

    * Coach your middle of the pack and create more A players

    Features to start, sell & grow

    • Simplified Lead Management
    • Visual Pipeline of Deals
    • Built in Power Dialler
    • Virtual Numbers, Call Tracking & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Specialized Sales Email Client
    • Activities, tasks and follow-ups in your Calendar
    • Advanced search & smart list
    • Sales Huddles – For team gamification
    • Reports that you actually need
    • Mobile CRM
    • Conversation Intelligence & Analytics for Coaching
    • Integrations with all your tools

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