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Online Campus is a web-based Compleat School Management ERP Software Solution  (Student Management System), with portals facilitating Student, Parent, Teacher and Management interactions and admin modules for the complete management of the day to day activities of the school. All modules are integrated and contain strong reporting capabilities. Online Campus is  the best School Management ERP  Campus Solution and has over 100 institutions in its client list from India and the Middle East, using either the Web or Client-Server version of the application.

  • The Key areas for School Management  ERP Solution to perform are

    Academics: The solution should have the capability to manage the complete academic life cycle of a student from Admission to his Course Completion or TC Approval.

    HR and Payroll: Schools employing a good number of staff in teaching, administration and support roles. The system should manage the HR and Payroll related activities effectively and should also provide good reports.

    Financials: The expected solution should simplify and yet effectively manage all financial accounting needs of the organization. The reporting features must be robust enough to provide enterprise-wise reports to ensure accurate finance and audit capabilities within the organization.

    Portals: The solution should lay a strong platform to engage its students, teachers, parents and management in effective data access, interactions and communication channels through web portals accessible from anywhere through internet. The portals should be designed such a way that it brings avenues to healthy competition towards quality learning practices within the institutions.

    GPS Tracking: Our solution is capable of providing the live location of students school bus status through GPS tracking and attendance system attached to every school bus which will enhance the security of each and every students. 

Online Campus Modules 

Students Affair

  • Inquiry Management
  • Registration Management
  • Students Management
  • Inquiry Reports
  • Registration Reports
  • Students Report
  • TC Reports
  • Students Statistics Report

Academis Management

  • Student Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Examination Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Counseling
  • Extra Curricular Activity
  • Clinic Management
  • Alumni Management
  • Syllabus Management
  • Students Scholarship Management
  • Assessment Report
  • Medicare Report

Fee Management

  • Fee Transactions 
  • Fee Demand Report
  • Fee Collection Report
  • Fee Advance Report
  • DCB Report
  • Fee Outstanding Report
  • Fee Aging Report 
  • Individual Fee Report 

Library Management

  • OPAC
  • Cataloging 
  • Circulations 
  • Master Files
  • Library Report

Store Management 

  • Procurement Planning 
  • Purchase Management
  • Vendor Management 
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management  
  • Store Reports 

Transportation Management

  • Vehicle Fleet Management
  • Boarding Management
  • Students Boarding Management
  • Attendance Management

Communication Management

  • SMS Communication Management
  • Email Management 

HR Management

  • Recruitment Process
  • Staff Management
  • Attendance & Shift Management
  • Leave Management
  • Loan Management
  • Payroll Management 
  • Perfomance Evaluation 
  • Training Management
  • HR Reports

+ Schools

+ Students

+ Teachers

Why Online Campus

Academics Complete student life cycle from Online Admission application to TC Issue. Encompassing Student Enrollment, Academic record maintenance, Promotions, Class shifting, examinations, attendance, Timetables, incident reporting and much more with effective customization and reporting

Portals Portals for Students, Teachers, Parents and Management laying a strong platform for easy and secure information access and interactions

HR and Payroll Strong HR Management system build specifically for schools featuring Flexible grouping of employees, Employee Salaries, Loans, Allowances, deductions.

Fee Collection Flexible Fee charts allowing various methods for collecting the fees, integrates with online fee collection systems. Fee payment tracking through SMS Integration.

Financial Accounting The entire financial transaction happening in any of the modules are integrated to the accounts system which effectively manages to provide a real time visibility to the financials allowing easy decision making for the management. The system allows entering the accounts details for previous years as well.

Store, Transport, Assets Management Online Campus features fully integrated modules for Store Management, Transport Management, and Assets Management where in each module shares the information to accounting system ensuring up to the second visibility to financials.

Integration Capability : Apart from the modules within Online Campus can be integrated with Email, SMS and payment gateways, barcode and biometric systems, online learning systems, library management solutions etc.

GPS Tracking :  Our solution is integrated with GPS tracking which will provide multiple functionalities based on the clients requirements, Real time track of school bus, Bus arrival time notification, delay notification, track current location of bus using mobile or website, Start time and End time log for each bus, Route allocation, optimized route and History play back, Alert functionality based on delay or idle, SMS or Push notification prior to reach your bus stop, SMS notification if a guardian is not present in the bus stop. Real time attendance from Bus and School Gate, Real time notification if a student leaves early from school, Real time notification on traveling hours or dropped in wrong places, Notification options for parents/ School management by Email or SMS, Reports on attendance, Detailed Report of School bus including Fleet details, Speed, Fuel used and maintenance etc.

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